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is an organization working in social development and refugee's problems. At the moment, our action is basically focused in Bosnia, and we are managing two
projects, one in a refugee camp and the other in a village called Ustikolina.

Our philosophy is based in acting by just motivating the people and later supporting them for resolving by themselves their own problems. We don't talk about "help", but about working together.

Our action is developed by voluntary work, but in a very professional way. We are quite strict in continuity and evaluation of our projects. Our volunteers stay always a middle term in Bosnia. We work by inserting ourselves in the local community.

We also try to use all the funds and resources we get, directly in the projects, not in burocrazy and organizing. If you want to give a look to our projects , collaborate with us offering us funds or the things that we need in this moment, or working as a volunteer, just click on these links.

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